Saturday, January 15, 2011

if I draw a face a day, or at least try to, maybe I will one day understand them, so I can characterize them better and manipulate the features to come up with my own designs. Here’s to improvement, yaayy!

The lips are pretty messed up… but at this point I don’t care.. I’m up two hours later than usual whats going on aaahhhh


  1. your grasp of color is amazing as always!! i dont know if this is appropriate or not, but i went ahead and redlined something i noticed about the head studies that i hope will help you... if you'd like to see let me know!! i feel a bit weird correcting something without asking first, but i feel like you would appreciate it cause youve shown interest in my muscle studies before

  2. Mokou, I would LOVE for your redlines, I'd like any constructive critisim that you or anyone else has to share, and I would appreciate it more than you know <3


    first- like i said, the coloring on your latest studies is fantastic. youre definitely in the right direction with those.

    the only thing that really stuck out with me was the width of the shoulders- something thats super easy to mess up on but once you are aware of it it is smooth sailing from there

    here is my redline, i hope it isnt too complicated. basically, you want to make sure his shoulder doesnt "drop off" and a couple tips to make sure that doesnt happen is to think of the muscles underneath, or you can do a proportion check. the width of the shoulders should be equal to the width of 2 of his heads next to each other.

    here are a few blog posts that will probably better explain what i mean:

    this one is more about how arms connect for animation, but you can see it also illustrates the deltoids like i attempted to do

    hope this helps!!